Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthélemy

The Caribbean’s most "chic" island, St. Barth lives up to it’s reputation.

St. Barth defines luxury and is the ideal place to unwind and experience activities at the consistently relaxed pace of this enchanting Caribbean getaway. Perfect for the foodies among you, this island’s cuisine is ranked among the best in the Caribbean. The destination quite literally oozes style from every corner - picturesque beaches, chic boutiques and delightful restaurants. St. Barth is all about indulging, so make sure to experience everything it has to offer.

  • Picturesque beaches or water sports
  • The Caribbean’s best boutiques
  • Charter a wood sailing yacht
  • French-inspired restaurants
  • Watching the sun set in Lurin


The weather in St Bart’s is fairly consistent throughout the year, with highs ranging from 27°C to 31°C. From July to November there is more of a risk of tropical storms.