Barbados has everything for the perfect holiday - great beaches, great restaurants, great golf, great shopping, great people. In fact just about everything is perfect!

Barbados just has that "feel good factor" that brings its loyal visitors back time after time.

Famous of course for its soft, pink sand beaches and endless marine activities as one of the Caribbean’s favourite islands, Barbados is also humming with life. It’s a community that boasts an effervescent culture and paradisiacal scenes, and an endless choice of recreational activities.

Its also one of those islands which, on the "platinum" west coast where all our hotels are located, there is the opportunity to dine out at some great restaurants such as The Cliff, Lone Star, Cin Cin and Tides, to name just a few. 

• Great beaches & turquoise waters
• Year round sunshine 
• Internationally Acclaimed Restaurants
• Beach BBQ’s
• Championship golf courses
• Sailing 


Barbados is a year round destination with temperatures averaging 25°C to 30°C. The winter months between January and April are the most popular months. Summer months (June-October) tend to be hotter and more humid with the possibility of tropical storms.